There’s no way his imouto can be this cute…


…But she is! ^^ Yesterday night I watched the first episode of anime I had been looking forward to a lot, Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai. I knew what was going to happen in the first episode, but it didn’t impair my enjoyment of the episode at all. On the contrary, I might have been even more excited that way, keeping saying “It’ll come now, it’ll come now.”


The leading character is called Kousaka Kirino. She’d pass for a good-looking, stylish girl with girl-like interests such as fashion. Actually, this everything is true. She is pretty and seems to be interested in clothes, make-ups and similar stuff. However, that isn’t all there is to her. She’s got a secret hobby and her older brother is the first one to get to know about it (which happens in the first episode) – she’s an otaku. On top of it, she loves imouto (if you don’t know what it means, ask your uncle Google or a Japenese-English dictionary XD) characters in particular. The reason she likes them is quite vague, but I’m sure you understand what charm she sees in them. On the off-chance you don’t, consult an imouto-loving-otaku friend of yours ^^ Right, Kirino loves the sweetness and adorableness of imouto characters. But! Kirino is strongly of the belief that you mustn’t mix 2D and 3D, so she doesn’t act a tiny bit like imouto characters in games and anime. “No way any sister would love her brother in real life,” is what Kirino says. And this is one of the things that make her so cute. In other words, she’s a tsundere, yet not your typical tsundere I would say. Another of her charming points is, of course, her interest in games and anime whose target group is men. An attractive, stylish girl who is fond of eroge and ecchi anime. Say, isn’t that an ideal, dreamlike setting? ^^

But that’s not all, of course. Kirino is a great example of how otaku shouldn’t be pigeonholed as shut-in freaks who are not interested in anything but anime, games, and manga. People who like anime and anime related games make up a much broader group of people than what is regarded as the stereotype. Therefore, it can be said that if you enjoy anime and games, it doesn’t necessarily form your character and you can retain your outer appearance so that nobody could ever guess you were interested in it. This is true of all hobbies I can think of, may it be sports, photography, anything. Neither these hobbies necessarily shape your personality since it’s just a hobby, not any religion that’s influencing your mind. In OreImo, Kirino becomes the proof of this fact – anybody can enjoy anime and related games, regardless of their social status; therefore, countless legions of otaku cannot be classified as the stereotypical otaku, the popular conception of otaku person in Japanese society. The sad thing is that only anime fans are going to watch this show, thus the opinion of the general public will not change.


I was very delighted by Taketatsu Ayana’s performance as Kirino, which was very good in my opinion. There are a lot of people, however, who think she does a poor job. Let’s wait a few episodes before making a final judgment, but I think Ayanyan is much better a choice than for example Kugyuu or Hirano, who were considered in a survey on a Japanese blog to be able to do a better job. Out of names that appeared, I think Tomatsu Haruka and Kitamura Eri would be able to a good job, too.

Ayanyan is likely to shine this season since she voices characters in five more shows, one of which is a sadistic, bossy, midget, self-proclaimed god.

HNNNGG, there’s no way Kyousuke’s imouto can be this cute!

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai