Toyosaki Aki new song Dill [preview]

Toyosaki Aki

Last week, Toyosaki Aki promised on her weekly radio program Okaeri Radio that we would get a taste of her upcoming single Dill next time. As she promised, a sample of the title song was broadcast on Okaeri Radio yesterday. The song Dill has been composed by a pop-jam-art-rock band Clammbon and really lives up to the style of this unconventional band. It may not become my favorite Aki-chan’s song – love your life shall stay on the top some more time – but it quite suits Aki-chan’s image. Not the image you get from her when she voices Yui. I mean her real image, which does coincide with Yui-chan’s image in several aspects, but greatly differs in others. Hehe, actually, I just realized that if you mixed certain Yui’s and certain Ui’s traits, you might get a bit closer to the image of Aki-chan. Anyways, have a listen to the preview of Dill. Of course, if you like it, you can preorder the single on CDJapan (Limited edition w/DVD; Regular edition). Aki-chan would be very happy ^=^