Noir to be adapted into a live-action


The Hollywood Reporter magazine reported on Thursday that the American cable television network Starz is going to make a live-action remake of anime series Noir. The anime is about two female assassins who work together on missions while they uncover their past and their ominous connection with each other.

Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, The Evil Dead, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Xena, Priest, Legend of the Seeker), Rob Tapert (The Evil Dead, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Xena, Legend of the Seeker) and Stephen Lightfoot (Criminal Justice, House of Saddam) are executive producers. Stephen Lightfoot is also writing the script.

This anime is my favorite out of the series “Girls with Guns” (Noir, El Cazador, Madlax). It has a great, profound story with lots of conspiracy, shady action and mysteries, and the music is composed by Kajiura Yuki, promising marvelous auditory pleasure. That’s why I’m quite afraid that this adaptation will defile the splendor of the original work.