Toyosaki Aki 3rd Single [Dill] is out

Toyosaki Aki - Dill

Toyosaki Aki’s 3rd solo single Dill was released yesterday, ranking #11 on Daily Oricon Singles chart. It’d probably sell better if the song was used as an opening or ending theme in some anime like in Tomatsu Haruka’s latest single’s case, but Dill can hardly be used as an opening or ending. The style of the song is very special and wouldn’t go well with many anime series. It’s playful, cute, sad, heart-warming, love-filled, and overflowing with feelings of gratitude at the same time. As regards the PV, it’s unearthly sweet. When I first saw it, I was a hair’s breadth from getting a heart moe moe kyun attack. The focus is centered a lot on Aki-chan’s face, which makes the PV a lethal weapon. I hope my copy arrives soon.

If you have been mesmerized by the song and wanted to get the single, it’s available on CDJapan (Limited Edition with DVD containing the PV, Regular Edition)



今でも すごく すごく 自信がないの
だけど 信じている この胸にある リズム

時々 ひどく ひどく うれしくなるの
誰のために? なんて なんのために? だなんて
そんなの ぜんぶ 飛び越えて

ここにあるよ 嘘じゃない
Stay together 手をのばす
負けそうにもなるけど とぎれないうねりの中
精いっぱい 手をのばす

和らいでくから きっといつか」
そんな風に言って なんにも聞かず
そうっと そうっと 抱きしめた

ここにあるよ あたたかい Stay together 響いてる
わたしたち つなぐメロディ ララララ

気にしてばかり 馬鹿だなぁ
あぁ 頭いたいことばかり 自分のことばかりだなぁ

伝えたい言葉が 億千の星になり 照らしてる
見上げてごらん きれい ほんとに

明けてゆくよ 嘘じゃない
Stay together 手をのばす
とぎれないうねりの中へ 手をのばすよ



aketeyuku sora no mukou …

ima demo sugoku sugoku jishin ga nai no
dakedo shinjiteiru kono mune ni aru rizumu

tokidoki hidoku hidoku ureshikunaru no
dare no tame ni? nante nan no tame ni ? da nante
sonna no zenbu tobikoete

koko ni aru yo uso ja nai
Stay together te wo nobasu
makesou ni mo naru kedo togirenai uneri no naka
seiippai te wo nobasu

( donna itami mo kanarazu
yawaraideku kara kitto itsuka )
sonna fuu ni itte nannimo kikazu
soutto soutto dakishimeta

koko ni aru yo atatakai Stay together hibiiteru
akiramesou ni mo naru kedo
watashitachi tsunagu merodii rararara

dou demo ii koto bakari
kinishite bakari baka danaa
aa atama itai koto bakari jibun no koto bakari danaa

tsutaetai kotoba ga okusen no hoshi ni nari terashiteru
ima mo dareka ga dareka wo sotto
miagete goran kirei hontoni

aketeyukuyo uso ja nai
Stay together te wo nobasu
makesou ni mo naru kedo
togirenai uneri no naka he te wo nobasu yo

furete, afurete, furete, afurete


Beyond the dawning sky…

Even now, I hardly, hardly have any confidence
But I believe in the rhythm inside my heart
At times, I get terribly, terribly happy
“Just because of whom?”
“Just for what reason?”
I will leap over all such questions

It’s here; that’s not a lie
stay together; I raise my hands
Sometimes I feel I’m going to lose
But I’m in a swell that doesn’t break
I raise my hands with all my might

“I will soften any grief without fail
Surely, one day”
Saying such words, not listening to anything
I softly, softly embraced…

It’s here; it’s warm
stay together; it’s resounding
Sometimes I feel I’m going to give up
But it’s a melody that ties us together lalalala

I do nothing but worry about trivial things
How stupid, isn’t it?
Ah, only about things that give me a headache
Only about myself

The words I want to tell you turn into billions of stars
They’re shining
Even now, somebody, quietly look at someone
it’s beautiful; really

It’s dawning; that’s not a lie
Stay together; I raise my hands
Sometimes I feel I’m going to lose
But I raise my hands to a swell that doesn’t break

Touch me and brim over, touch me and brim over


Aki-chan says it’s a song in which she apologizes for her inexperience and lack of skills, and thanks for everything. I believe you can perceive such feelings from the lyrics, despite the crudeness of my translation.