December 6, 3 in 1, Nana-chan’s career 10th anniversary

Mizuki Nana - Omoi

One post consisting of three news rather than three separate short ones for today (not that I would write them anyways XD). First, two names on the cast of 2011 Spring anime Moshidora have been revealed. The main character will be played by Hikasa Youko and Hanazawa Kana will perform her best friend. This series is going to be broadcast on NHK Sougou starting March 14 and it will air every day except weekends, unlike regular one episode a week pattern.

Second, a very random but cute video of Itou Kanae hugging herself on a radio show. I don’t know know why she did that, but it doesn’t change anything about the fact that it’s really sweet.

And finally, today, December 6, is the 10th anniversary of Nana-chan’s career. Congratulations, Nana-chan! I’ll keep on rooting for you even from now on. Ganbatte!

On this occasion, here’s a video of an old performance of Omoi, Nana-chan’s debut single song. Of course, since it’s old, she’s got shoulder-length brown hair there.