Moe Coalition

Kousaka Kirino

The Moe Coalition was born a few months ago as a kind of a call from the people who like moe and know that it is nothing to be ashamed of. The basic principle of the Coalition is that the members who run a blog add the Moe Coalition banner – manifestation of their membership – and links other members’s blogs into their blogroll. Recently, the Coalition has gotten quite a few new members, one of whom is me, and has started to expand. Our primary objective is to show that there are people in the world who appreciate the whole concept hidden behind the word moe and they have had enough of listening to other people’s bashing on it. We want our voice to be heard. But basically, the Moe Coalition is a group of people who like moe and are not ashamed to confess to it. And of course, anyone is welcomed to join.

The blog of the Moe Coalition has been officially launched. It will be a collaborative project so everyone can partake if he or she has something related to moe on his or her mind and would like to share it with others. The information on how to join will soon appear on the blog.

We are also on IRC so you can drop by for some chitchat if you’d like.

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