My Top 3 Songs – November 2010

We’ve stepped into December so it’s high time to post my monthly pick of 3 new songs that made the best impression on me.

Samurai Girls – Koi ni Sesse Tooryanse (恋にせっせ通りゃんせ)

First, the ending theme song from anime Hyakka Ryouran. It’s got quite a catchy melody and the voices of Kugyuu, Mina-chan, and Ao-chan do a good job at captivating me throughout the song.

Takagaki Ayahi – Hikari no Filament (光のフィルメンと)

This song was the last one to join my top 3 for this month. But it doesn’t change anything about the fact that Hikari no Filament is a great song that shows the potential of Ayahi’s voice. I like this song better than her debut solo single title song Kimi ga Iru Basho.

Ayahi is surely the most proficient one out of Sphere members when it comes to singing capabilities…

Toyosaki Aki – Dill

Toyosaki Aki - Dill

…but still, I like Aki-chan the best! Aki-chan!!! Yaeba saikou~!

Umm, last in post order but first in my top 3 comes Toyosaki Aki-chan’s third single title song Dill. Like other Aki’s songs, it cheers you up and helps you get out of bad, blue mood. The effect is augmented if you not only listen to it, but also watch the PV. That way, the healing powers are so strong that I almost melted upon the first watch XD

Earlier this month, I made a translation of the lyrics to Dill. You can find it in this post.