New Year’s Anime Countdown: #10 Working!!

Starting today, I’m going to count the remaining days of this year by posting my top 10 anime of 2010, one title a day. It was Chison’s idea, so have a look at his top 10 too. Another soul that has joined the countdown event is Rukishou, so it’d be nice of you to check out his top 10 as well. If you want to join, feel free to do so, and tell us so that we get to know your top 10 too.

Now, let’s start finally. It’s been an arduous task to choose #10 because I had 2 free slots left and 4 or 5 anime to choose from. It was cruel and sad, but I couldn’t do nothing but cross out 3 titles so that I would complete the 10. I’m trying to figure out a way to make it up to the anime I left under the line, but for now, let me start by presenting my number 10: Working!!. btw. I tried to consider even other aspects while choosing the top 10, not only the level of enjoyment.

Working!! is a great 12-episode comedy centered around a family restaurant in Hokkaido called Wagnaria, where the protagonists work, either part-time or full-time. The restaurant teems with highly amusing characters – some of which are quite scary ^^ – that drive the whole series.

First, the male lead, Takanashi Souta. He starts working in the restaurant only to find himself in a bunch of strange personnel. He’s the most normal character in the series and often serves the role of the straight man; yet, even he isn’t without a fault. He’s a self-described minicon, what an appealing word. He likes small, cute things such as kittens, hamsters, and also little girls. Takanashi’s potential as a character is virtually wholly exploited thanks to great job by Fukuyama Jun.

Taneshima Poplar is a very short girl, so she immediately becomes the target of Takanashi’s interest. Despite her looks and her clumsy side, she’s one year older than him. Played by Asumi Kana.

Inami Mahiru has this small predisposition called androphobia. That is, she’d always be sure to punch the lights out of any male that approaches her. She wants overcome this condition and Takanashi does his best to help her to get rid of it, often to find himself dead beaten on the floor, as Inami’s punches are extremely powerful. There lies a specific reason behind both her strength and her androphobia, but I won’t mention it since it would spoil some fun if you haven’t watched Working!! and plan to do so. Inami is played by Fujita Saki, who bestowed her voice upon Hatsune Miku.

Todoroki Yachiyo, a graceful, attractive waitress with not that attractive sword by her flank, which often freaks out the customers. Played by Kitamura Eri.

Souma Hiroomi, a friendly-looking cook who knows secrets of others and doesn’t think twice to use it as a means of extortion. Played by Kamiya Hiroshi, he’s a great fit for this character.

And that’s not all. There are more amazing characters with great seiyuus, including Ono Daisuke, Hirohashi Ryou, Itou Shizuka, Hikasa Youko, etc.

The opening and ending song are both really catchy and perfectly match the anime.

Working!! was an anime that would make me laugh hard every episode without fail. It also made you want to join the characters and start working at the place too because it seemed to be a great fun. Well, working in that kind of environment would certainly be quite entertaining and definitely not monotonous.

Last words: “Extendable hands are essential while approaching the other sex.”