New Year’s Anime Countdown: #3 Nodame Cantabile Finale

Nodame Cantabile Finale

I’d been wondering some time about the order of #4 and #3, but in the end I went with the order I had decided before starting mulling over it. Therefore, the bronze medal goes to Nodame Cantabile Finale, which was a series that would make me laugh each episode, yet it contained a well-made story imbued with various human emotions. Furthermore, the characters in Nodame, particularly Nodame and Chiaki as well as Stresemann, were absolutely wonderful and extremely funny.

Nodame Cantabile combines two worlds – the world of romance, and the world of classical music – to create one, very entertaining world, the world of Nodame. You are very likely to get absorbed, unless Nodame herself will jar on your nerves, which is not very likely I believe.

Chiaki is striving to become a professional conductor while Nodame is supposed to do her best to become a spectacular pianist. Chiaki’s life in Paris is quite hectic, leaving him with little time for anything except work, which of course leads into mental harm on Nodame who, as a result, lacks “Chiaki power” or whatever she calls it. Thus, love has to overcome hard obstacles to blossom between these two. And Stresemann doesn’t help it at all

Nodame Cantabile may be the best romantic comedy I’ve watched so far. Some people say that Finale wasn’t as good as the first season, but I think exactly the opposite. For me, it really was the grand finale of Nodame Cantabile series.