New Year’s Anime Countdown: #5 Seitokai Yakuindomo

Seitokai Yakuindomo

Seitokai Yakuindomo alias Pervert’s Council. SYD was a hilarious show that made me fall from chair several times and I mean it literally. It really hurt once, but the laughter was even more painful I think. It was that kind of laughter when you’re rendered unable to control your respiratory system. I suspect my father might have started worrying about my sanity then XD Back to the point, SYD had a simple yet satisfactory concept: girls with wanton minds talking perverted stuff. Really simple, yet effective. The dirty humor coming out of their mouths was actually pleasant to hear and it didn’t grow boring with time, as the producers always pulled an ace out their sleeve when it was needed.

Shino and Aria, the full-fledged pervert and the perverted natural air-head, were not the only interesting characters of course. They wouldn’t be able to drive the momentum of this anime on their own. There always was the so-short-she-doesn’t-fit-in-the-screen Suzu whose geniality and sharp tongue always hit the crucial spot, the teacher who craves for young flesh, the male lead’s sister as perverted as Shino and who knows if not even more, and last but not least the stealth Newspapers Club member with her camera always at the ready. I couldn’t help but feel for Hikasa Youko and Satou Satomi, seiyuu of Shino and Aria, saying all that extremely dirty stuff. But they must have been prepared for the worst when entering the seiyuu industry, right? I mean, they must have made themselves ready to accept any kind of role, including hentai and eroge stuff of course. Anyways, they did their job perfectly, as well as Hata’s seiyuu Arai Satomi. Basically, Arai Satomi played another Kuroko because Hata and Kuroko seem to have very similar brain processes XD

Wow, it’s really refreshing to write about Seitokai Yakuindomo. It makes me want to watch it again, which makes me remember that an OAD has been announced to be bundled with the next volume of SYD manga due next Spring. I can’t wait!

The opening song performed by the three main female seiyuu, Hikasa Youko, Satou Satomi, and Yahagi Sayuri, was quite nice and particularly Hikasa’s part were really good. She does know how to sing. Hey, producers and managers and whoever else, have her sing a bit more.

Angela performed the ending song, which was very untypical of angela’s usual material that you might have heard for example in Asura Cryin’ or Heroic Age or Uchuu no Stellvia. It is a very energetic song, fitting for a show like SYD.

What about some funny scenes?

I loved SYD but it would have been even better if the relationship between Tsuda and Shino had developed a bit more than it did, though there were some subtle hints in the final episodes that Shino started to harbor some serious feelings for him. I want to see more of that, so, second season, I’m waiting for you! ^^