New Year’s Anime Countdown: #6 Amagami SS

Amagami SS

Amagami SS has been a very enjoyable romantic comedy adapted into anime from the original visual novel. The creators’ decision to reset the story every four episodes, thus covering the arcs of 6 girls, was the right thing to do I think. Even though I would like to see more of Ayatsuji’s dark side’s behavior or Morishima-senpai’s shenanigans or Junichi’s perverted actions, I’m glad the anime has shown quite a lot of scenes from different arcs. Though, I could do without Rihoko’s arc ^^’ Finally, the last, 25th episode served as a great concluding episode, providing us with the reason why Junichi was stood up two years ago.

My favorite arc was Ayatsuji’s. Her personality was pretty messed up but that’s something I’m pretty fond of ^^ But Haruka treating Junichi as a dog was quite a spectacle as well. So my arc ranking: Tsukasa > Haruka > Kaoru > Ai > Sae > Rihoko. I don’t count in the Risa episode as it was only one episode long. The arc ranking coincides with my character ranking of course. But I would have to squeeze in other characters (Miya in particular would be pretty high) to make it complete. Junichi, I’m so envious of you, having such an adorable little sister, nishishi XD I can’t wait for Miya’s special episode coming out in April.

The opening theme songs, both performed by azusa, perfectly matched the mood of Amagami.

Each arc had its own ending, sung by the arc’s heroine’s seiyuu. So those endings were a bit like character songs. My favorite is probably Nanasaki Ai’s (Yukana’s) ending song.

Amagami SS is based on a PS2 game and it’s getting released on PSP next year. So what about a PC version, huh? I want a PC version!! Well, for the time being, I’ve read Amagami Precious Diary Ayatsuji Arc manga. What a feast it was.