New Year’s Anime Countdown: #7 MM!


My #7 is exuberant fall anime MM!. Every episode made my lungs quiver in laughter. Many people surely have trouble to understand how you can enjoy a series that revolves around one guy incessantly getting beaten to death with a satisfied smile on his face. Well, I can’t really give you the answer how I can enjoy such series… simply, I can. Yes I can! XD

Masochistic male lead voiced by Fukuyama Jun, a sadistic short girl who believes to be a god voiced by Taketatsu Ayana, an androphobic girl who punches every man within one meter voiced by Hayami Saori, male protagonist’s best friend who finds pleasure in cross-dressing and acting as a rich, lofty girl, a prodigy loli equipped to capture male lead’s heart, a shop owner who’s into 2D girls, a school nurse who loves to take photos of girls in cosplay, and incest ending desiring male lead’s sister and mother. Each character’s personality is corrupt in a way and they all make a great character line-up together.

I loved the opening song, in particular the version that was used from episode 1 through episode 4. It perfectly matched the atmosphere of MM! as it was an up-beat, dynamic, ebullient tune.

Here’s hoping MM! will get a second season ^^