New Year’s Anime Countdown: #9 Shinryaku! Ika Musume

Shinryaku! Ika Musume

Rank no.9 has been invaded by a squid girl and her subordinates de geso! Shinryaku! Ika Musume, a 12-episode anime aired this fall, managed to invade and conquer many people’s minds, including mine. It was a great exhibition of random fun, which was, however, very well structured and each short story gradually escalated into a grand finale. Each episode consisted of three short stories, most of which were purely fun, but some of them, particularly the one with Little Ika-chan, were rather emotional.

Ika Musume was, of course, the funniest character but even the others were interesting. Some more, some less. Those self-proclaimed top MIT graduates’ antics were absolutely hilarious, as well as Chizuru’s “You’re-going-overboard moments”. Am I the only one who thought that one of the scientists looked like Obama?

Another meme have been born thanks to Ika Musume and they’ve even invaded some ranking of most popular Japanese words on Twitter. Great accomplishment janaIKA? It is de geso.

The opening song was a catchy tune that just stuck in your mind, invaded it. Yeah, you get the general picture, don’t you? This whole series’ purpose was to invade your mind and make you buy as much goods as possible. They might even be co-operating with Apple as they have released an Ika Musume iPhone application, which might have a positive effect on the sales of iPhones XD

I will definitely miss this anime because it never failed to provide me with a huge helping of laughter.