Taketatsu Ayana turning innocent girls into otaku

Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana

In the latest Ore no Imouto ga Radio Demo Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, a radio show with Taketatsu Ayana and Hanazawa Kana as the personalities, Ayachi read out a funny message that came to the studio. It was from a girl that has only recently turned into an otaku.

From “Girl Who Likes Bajeena”-san. Thank you very much.
“Taketatsu-san, Hanazawa-san, hello.”
“I had been a diligent person who had only studied and participated in club activites until this April. I was far from being an otaku. However, one day, a friend from my club told me: “This is a good song. Give it a listen.” It was a character song sung by Taketatsu-san. Before I knew it, I had listened to it many times and in the end I decided to watch the anime. I was surprised and praised it a lot. After that, I started to watch various anime and buy the merchandise, CDs, light novels, and the like. I’ve turned into an otaku. To tell the truth, at my school’s cultural festival, I won the match for the title of number one otaku and became the biggest otaku at school. Now, I’m being told everyday by my parents and friends that I didn’t use to be like this.”
Kana: “Taketatsu-san, it’s your fault.”
Ayana: “My?”
Kana: “It’s your fault.”
Ayana: “I’m sorry. But it makes me happy.”
Kana: “It does, doesn’t it?”
Ayana: “Thank you very much. I really wonder what character song it was.”
Kana: “What could it have been?”
Ayana: “I wonder what anime it was from.”
Kana, Ayana: “What could it have been?”
Ayana: “I’ve been able to sing in many anime recently, so I have no way of telling what it was. If you don’t mind, please, send us another message saying what song from what anime it was.”

Ayacchi turns innocent maidens into “freaks”. Bad girl. She would deserve some kind of punishment XD As for the song and anime that beckoned the girl to the dark side, I have a hunch what it could have been and I bet I’m not the only one. Given its dominance even in Oricon chart, K-ON music is the most likely from Ayacchi’s roles to be listened to by a non-otaku girl. And since it happened in April, the probability of getting it correct is 1/3 as only 3 Azunyan character songs had been released by April. So, my guess is “Watashi wa Watashi no Michi wo Yuku” because it’s my favorite ^^

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