My Top 3 Songs – January 2011

K-ON! Character Song Suzuki Jun

I almost forgot about this post, but there is a good explanation for that. I can’t think of three songs that were released in January and I fell in love with them. There’s only one song I liked a lot and that is one song from Jun’s character song single. It’s not any breath-taking, marvelous song, but it manages to reflect Jun’s personality very well and is nicely buoyant and lively. I believe that if you like Jun, you will like this song too.

K-ON!! Character Image Song: Suzuki Jun – Midnight Superstar

That’s about it for this month’s post… ^^’ This way, it contradicts its name “top 3”, but I really have no other song in mind. That’s why I want to make it up to you with a nice…


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