Taketatsu Ayana took a picture of her lunch thighs

Taketatsu Ayana

Taketatsu Ayana posted a photo of her lunch on her blog. She wrote she’d had a lunch alone without any company and that having a private time like that is nice too every now and then. It’s a precious time as it doesn’t happen very often. However, what has drawn so much attention is neither these words nor that lunch, but the lower half of the picture. Be it on purpose or not, Taketatsu Ayana did take a nice shot of her thighs to delight of her fans.

I would love to know if Hanazawa Kana has seen this pic and if yes, I would love to hear her comment on it. Hanazawa Kana is a kind of a pervert seiyuu who likes to creep up and grope Ayana’s thighs. And this pervert seiyuu happens to have birthday today, February 25 (it’s still 24 here as I’m writing this ^^’). Happy Birthday, Kanatan! I wish you a lot of chances and openings to grope Ayacchi’s thighs and even other parts of her body if you want. You have my yuri seal of approval XD