Afterquake status, aid, personalities confirmed safe

A massive earthquake of magnitude 9.0, the fourth most powerful earthquake worldwide in recorded history, hit Japan on March 11 and was followed by tsunami as tall as 7 meters. The water inundated extremely large area and at some places it reached as far as 10 km inland from the coast. The tsunami swept thousands of houses, caused several fires, and rendered the cooling systems of nuclear plants in Fukushima useless. The cooling system is necessary to prevent meltdown, that’s why they have been pumping sea water there as a makeshift to cool the reactor. Residents in radius of 20 km from the power plant have been evacuated and several people had to undergo decontamination process.

For those of you who worry about the safety of your favorite seiyuu, artists, actors, actresses, mangakas, etc., there’s a spreadsheet with names of persons whose safety has been confirmed and names of those whose status is unclear. Here is the link.

Countless of people are now homeless and in the most affected areas there’s shortage of food and other necessities. If you wish to do something that would help those people, you can donate via Global Giving, American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Mercy Corps. Even the tiniest amount of money can help some people.