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K-ON! Manga

You have probably heard already that K-ON! manga is going to be resumed and that there will be two separate stories, one serialized in Manga Time Kirara and the other one in new Manga Time Kirara Carat. I am very excited about it and so are many other fans of K-ON!, but there are also some fans who aren’t that happy about the continuation and their reasons are not that hard to understand if one gives it some thought. In case you couldn’t think of a single one, here are a few comments most likely collected from 2chan.

“Clubs, partying, and if a boyfriend shows up after that I’ll seriously get furious.”
“No! Stop the time! Yui can’t get 20!”
“I’m not interested in college girls. It must be high school girls, because the charm of school uniforms is awesome.”
“The aftertaste would have been nice if the graduation had been the end.”
“I don’t know what the story of the sequel will be like, but when I heard that it will be set in the college days, I felt the world of K-ON that I loved so much is coming to a close.”

These opinions are mainly the opinions of men who do not want their waifus to grow into women in their 20s and do not want them to be desecrated by men. One woman (22) displays a very different attitude to the whole thing, which might actually offend the men with above opinions.

“When I learned about the sequel, I got terribly excited. It’s natural that they’ll get boyfriends so it’s not any shock. Above all, I’d like to see the realization of the goal they set in the very beginning: a concert at Budoukan.”

I only hope that Kakifly is sane enough not to draw any male character (except Satoshi) within 5 meters’ distance from the main characters. That might cause a huge uprising XD

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