Japanese Modern Culture TV show with Toyosaki’s voice

Toyosaki Aki Modern History TV show

The Japanese TV channel BS Fuji will run a special about the Japanese media content business on March 26. Toyosaki Aki will voice a reporter called Daiba Misaki. The title of the show is Content Business Saizensen Japa-Con TV and it will cover anime, fashion, games, anime music, and other forms of Japanese popular culture and entertainment that are being exported overseas. For example, Shibuya 109 department store, Love Plus, LiSP, social networks, and so on. The special will combine both live-action documentary sequences and animated sequences.

The artist Dai-Oki did the design of the characters appearing in the anime sequences, and Tanaka (Akira’s key animation) animated the entire opening animation sequence. Ambient techno musician Hoshi Kenichirou contributed to the soundtrack.