Japanese personalities show their hearts

Gackt - Show Your Heart

Many famous Japanese persons have shown their kind hearts by doing something to help the destructed regions of Japan. Not only are they donating money, but they are also setting up donation funds or raising money in other ways.

Famous J-ROCK singer Gackt has set up a donation fund called “Show your heart” in response to the disaster. All collected money will go to Japanese Red Cross, affected prefectures and social welfare organizations. Many Japanese celebrities and artist have expressed their support of this project on the official website.

Leader, pianist, and drummer of the band X JAPAN, Yoshiki, has announced that he will put on auction his favorite custom-made piano Kawai, called the Crystal piano. The piano has his name engraved on it and is transparent since it is made of plexi-glass. The money will go to help the victims of the disaster in Touhoku. In addition, he will raise money through the Yoshiki Foundation America, his California non-profit, public benefit corporation with tax-exempt status.

Manga artists are planning to make a charity doujinshi to raise money to help the regions and people affected by the quake and subsequent tsunami. The doujinshi is tentatively called Higashi Nihon Daishinsai Charity Doujinshi (Charity Doujinshi for the Earthquake in Eastern Japan). The release is planned to May 5. Following creators are listed to participate on the project:

Ono Naomi
Hiura Satoru
Ninomiya Tomoko
Rokuhana Chiyo
Tanemura Arina
Ando Natsumi
Etou Miyuki
Enue Kei
Kikuta Michiyo
Donbo Koge
Shirasawa Marimo
Touyama Ema
Pink Hanamori
Hara Asumi
Fukushima Haruka
Mizukami Wataru
Momoyuki Kotori
Daisy Yamada
Hanatsu Hanayo
Aimoto Mizuho
Okubo Hiromi
Ayamine Rando
Kobayashi Jin
Seo Kouji
Tsukiyama Kaya
Fujisawa Touru
Mashima Hiro
Murakami Yoshiyuki
Raiku Makoto
Amano Sakuya
Nakamura Ten
Terasawa Daisuke
Nishimata Aoi
Yokote Michiko

AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and SDN48 members and staff have announced that they will donate 500 million yen to the relief funds.