My Top 3 Songs – February 2011

Kalafina - Magia

Last month I had trouble to picking some favorite songs and I ended up choosing only one instead of three. This month, I’ll have the opposite problem. There are more songs I would like to present here, but I can only pick three. Well, I could include more than just three, but I really don’t want to disregard the title Top 3 completely. Last month was enough an irregularity.

Kalafina – Magia

This is the ending theme song from the viral anime Mahou Shoujo Magica Madoka, Magia by Kalafina. The song is dark, clinging to the last string of hope, brimming with despair and sorrow, and the lyrics reflect that too, so it couldn’t match the atmosphere of the anime any better. I like Kalafina and I think that this is one of their best songs.

Here you have a live version of Magia, performed at a recent live.

Kobayashi Aika (小林愛香) – Kimi wo Mamoritai (君を守りたい)

Kobayashi Aika - Kimi wo Mamoritai

I had hard time choosing the third song and finally I’ve decided for Freezing’s ED sung by Kobayashi Aika. It’s an energetic technoish song with a rap passage in the middle. Before Rana made her first appearance in Freezing, the ending song was pretty much the only thing I enjoyed about it. Well, the opening song isn’t bad either ^^ Still, this song is the pinnacle of every episode.

Horie Yui (堀江由衣) – Immoralist (インモラリスト)

Horie Yui - Immoralist

I left the best one as the last to come. Hocchan’s Immoralist, which is used as the opening theme song for Dragon Crisis where Hocchan also acted as seiyuu of one of the characters. There are several rather discrete melodies in this song and they all blend together by subtle bridges. The song might be described as a song of a woman fighter who sings out her heart to her beloved one, whom she will protect at any cost, in the middle of a brawl. That may also explain the distinct passages as they could be interpreted as different stages of fight. Hocchan puts on display much of her singing capacity in this song.