Toyosaki Aki’s new single 春風 SHUN PU cover revealed

Toyosaki Aki - SHUN PU

The cover of Toyosaki Aki’s 4th single 春風 SHUN PU has been revealed, at least the cover of the limited edition w/DVD, that is. Aki-chan looks really like an angel there. I can’t wait to get it, which won’t happen until the 13th of April when SHUN PU is supposed to be released. I hope that the cover of normal edition won’t look even sweeter. First, I would be disappointed getting the other cover; second, I might not be able to deal with such an amount of sweetness and pureness.

Toyosaki Aki’s first album “love your life, love my life” is to be released May 18.

EDIT: I think I’ve just seen the regular edition cover. The LE one is much much cuter.

Source : Otasuke