DFC Saturday #55

picture by minidraco

Saturday afternoon. I’m listening to the Keep the Beats! album by GiDeMo, while putting together the fifty-fifth serving of delicious pancakes, while waiting for my mom to finish making the pancakes with fruit salad, while repeating phrasal verbs over and over in my head in preparation for my Monday graduation exam from English, while being stared upon by my Kotomi and Azusa posters. I have it tough ^^ Anyway, within the sound of My Song (Yui ver.), enjoy the pics!

Astarotte Ygvar

Astarotte Ygvar by drpow

Laura Bodewig

Laura Bodewig by Tsurusaki Takahiro

Sanya V. Lytviak

Sanya V. Lytviak by Uyama Hajime

picture by Yagisaka Seto


Saya by tam2

Tsukuyomi Komoe

Tsukuyomi Komoe by touryou

picture by arutoria

Momono Shiori

Momono Shiori by Hagiwara Onsen

picture by reku