DFC Saturday #57

Sakura Kyouko

Sakura Kyouko by nilitsu

Saturday is here again which means it’s time for DFC Saturday. Enjoy the pictures! By the way, today is Walpurgis Night ^^ I wonder how many nations remember this day and engage in some kind of special activities on this occasion. In my country, there’s a tradition of “burning the witches” on bonfires, followed mainly in countryside. Has anyone of you picked up interest and wants to do something special on Walpurgis Night after seeing Madoka Magica?

Corticarte Apa Lagranges

Corticarte by Tsurugi Hagane


Ika-Musume by goriate

Tachibana Miya

Tachibana Miya by an unknown artist


Shana by kairistwins

picture by watashishi

Nanoha & Fate

Nanoha & Fate official illustration

Honma Meiko

Honma Meiko aka Menma by pizanuko

Shikishima Krile

Shikishima Krile by asf

Beutiful picture by an unknown artist