End of short hiatus

Souvenirs from New York XD

As you might have noticed, I have not been updating the blog for about 10 days. That is because I was away in UTC-7 and then in UTC-6 for a day and half. Now I’m back in my UTC+1 and I suffer from jet lag. Yesterday, I woke up at 3 PM and didn’t fall asleep any earlier than at 4 AM early this morning. Anyway, when I was walking up the 6th Avenue in New York, I happened to notice a store of my interest, thanks to BRS figma in the shopping window.

I told my company I would be stopping there for a while and began my quick search through Kinokuniya store. I could spend hours there, but I couldn’t as I wasn’t there alone. So I just quickly went through the basement floor, where I found White Rabbit Press’ Kanji Wall Poster, which I had wanted for a long time, then I rushed through the ground floor to find myself immersed in joy on the first floor, full of manga, light novels, CDs, DVDs, etc. Having limited time, I asked if they had K-ON manga in Japanese. They had it, except for volume 2. Then I found a stand with light novels (OreImo, Index, Spice&Wolf;, etc.) so I grabbed all the present volumes of OreImo and carried on my exploring. On my way back to the ground floor, I walked by different shelves and that was where I got detained by CD Staff Recommendations section – K-ON, K-ON, and again K-ON. Instinctively I reached for Gohan wa Okazu/U&I; and went downstairs.

As short as my visit there felt to me, I spent about 45 minutes there. Fortunately, my company made use of a bit of that time as they had lunch on the first floor. As for my lunch, you could say I fed upon that loot of mine and the lovely things around me out there.

To conclude this with a question: where an otaku buys souvenirs in New York? In Kinokuniya store XD

By the way, while I was away from home, I received a package from CDJapan with Mizuki Nana’s autobiography Shin Ai and Sphere’s new album Spring is here. I have to listen to it yet, as well as finish the last winter episodes I missed these past days.

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