Hirano Aya: “I am ready to do a sequel of Haruhi”

Hirano Aya

Hirano Aya has expressed some attachment to seiyuu work and her role of Haruhi in particular. “In case that the series continues, I have to be able to act as the Haruhi of the first season at any time.” She adds that if it hadn’t been for Haruhi, she wouldn’t have become the person she is now. There should be no doubt about the fact that Haruhi has influenced Hirano’s personality as she now has that kind of healthy selfishness, very similar to Haruhi’s character, that manifests by you wanting to try out many different things. She says, “[My focus] centers around the job of seiyuu, but I want to do anything as long as I can do it.” Before getting involved with Haruhi anime project, her personality was supposedly rather different and Hirano mentions she could relate to the glacial Yuki the most. “I used to be that kind of girl who doesn’t talk at all and reads books in the corner of classroom.”

This summer, Hirano is going to make her debut stage appearance in a play called Wuthering Heights, which is an adaptation of a novel of the same name by Emily Bronte aka Ellis Bell. Hirano says, “I want to use and show all the things I’ve learned when doing Haruhi and other roles. And then I want to make the best use of what I learn on the stage in seiyuu work.”

Despite being forsaken by many fans of hers due to some of her lamentable actions, tweets, etc., Hirano Aya seems to be still interested in doing more seiyuu work. Is it just a facade, or is she really craving to do some seiyuu work, which she has been allegedly banned from by her agency? We can do nothing but speculate and wait how it will turn out.