Mizuki Nana and Toyosaki Aki in top 5 on Oricon Daily

Mizuki Nana - Pop Master

Mizuki Nana’s two new singles “Scarlet Night” and “Pop Master” and Toyosaki Aki’s fourth single “SHUN PU” have ranked in the top 5 on Oricon Daily Chart on the date of their release. Mizuki Nana is already a regular at the top ranks of the chart, but this is the first time Aki-chan has got into the top 5, not counting in the K-ON releases of course. Her third single Dill only ranked #11.

Nana-chan’s Scarlet Knight did just a bit worse than her previous single Silent Bible did on the first day, selling a little less than 16,000 copies. Pop Master has sold a bit less than 15,000. I’m really curious how many copies Aki-chan’s SHUN PU has sold. Her previous single Dill has sold about 12,000 copies in a week’s time, so a rise in numbers is likely and hoped to be observed.

This was really sweet news for me, being a great fan of Aki-chan and a big fan of Nana as well.