Top Selling Seiyuu in 2010

Mizuki Nana

Oricon has revealed a ranking of best selling seiyuu over the period from December 20, 2009 until December 12, 2010. The list does not include sales of the CDs that are linked to fictional characters only voiced by a certain seiyuu. Mizuki Nana dominates the chart selling over 1 billion yen, about four and half times as much as #2 Tamura Yukari. Seiyuu unit Sphere ranks four and three of its four members rank in the top 10 as well as solo singers.

Rank Sales Artist
1 1,209,600,000 yen Mizuki Nana
2 259,300,000 yen Tamura Yukari
3 251,000,000 yen Chihara Minori
4 150,100,000 yen Sphere
5 107,700,000 yen Horie Yui
6 107,100,000 yen Toyosaki Aki
7 100,000,000 yen Tomatsu Haruka
8 91,800,000 yen Hayashibara Megumi
9 91,700,000 yen Nakajima Megumi
10 71,100,000 yen Kotobuki Minako

I’m glad that Aki-chan fares this well even as an individual, but Nana-chan’s record is truly impressive. I wonder how high in the chart would HTT be if they counted them as a seiyuu unit and included them into this chart. I guess they would rank #2 behind Nana-chan. Or could they possibly top her? Who knows.