GSC 10th Anniversary Event

The manufacturer of figures Good Smile Company has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in Akihabara. They had all of their figures put on display ordered by their release date starting from 2001 and ending with 2011, including mostly scale figures and nendoroids. In addition, they had a huge banquet there with heaps of not only deliciously but also cute looking and GSC themed food. You wouldn’t be surprised if someone had trouble to eat it; it was so cute it’d be a waste to do such an abominable thing as to shove it in your mouth.

It was announced at the event that GSC was able to raise 74,394,000 yen to donate to the Japanese Red Cross thanks to their Hatsune Miku Nendoroid Support Ver. project. 1,000 yen from every order has been set aside for earthquake relief, which means that 74,394 nendoroid orders have been made. The number would be bigger if GSC online shop shipped to more countries than it does.

GSC boss Takanori Aki.

Too cute to eat!

GSC orange curry.

Apparently, they even talked with Yoshiki over phone and Yoshiki Nendoroid was uttered there. Will that be a new release? O_O

And the GSC boss Aki flies.

Source : Akiba Hobby

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