Sphere’s 7th single Hazy released

Sphere - Hazy/p>

Yesterday, May 11, was the release date of Sphere’s 7th single titled Hazy. The title song is called Hazy and it is used as the ending theme for currently airing anime Hanasaku Iroha, which I thoroughly enjoy, and the coupling song is named Neo Eden. While Neo Eden is the typical upbeat song and great material for otagei, Hazy is rather slow than fast and it is magically lovely. Plus, Minako wobbles in a strange way throughout the PV, which is very funny. Hazy ranked #8 on Oricon Daily Single Chart on the release date, one place higher than May’n. Let’s see if it can stay in the top 10 even for the Weekly Chart. I hope so.

You can still get the limited edition w/DVD on CDJapan, and of course the regular edition is available as well.