DFC Saturday #63

Honma Meiko, Okazaki Ushio

Menma and Ushio by 10m

Overcast sky is said to be able to make people feel depressed. I’m a bit depressed too, but the reason isn’t weather. It’s the fact that I was killed by Kokushi Musou in a round of mahjong a few hours ago. If you’re feeling down for whatever reason, these pics might bring some light, ease and warmth into your mind. Enjoy!


Nazrin by s-day

picture by pepepe

Ayase Yue

Ayase Yue by Akamatsu Ken

picture by suikasan

Futami Ami, Futami Mami

Futami Ami and Mami by tsurui

Remilia Scarlet

Remilia by ichiju

picture by Kazami Mioyoru


Etna by n (ruff)


Nagi by Shirakawa Mayo