Internet Female Seiyuu Popularity Ranking

Hanazawa Kana

A female seiyuu popularity ranking was held on a certain website and the total number of votes has rounded up to 51,190. I don’t know how many people vote in the various magazine rankings, so I can’t tell if this is comparable with it or not. Anyway, the second and third places are filled by mahou shoujos whose friendship seems to exceed the level of normal friend-level relationship, that is, their seiyuu, Tamura Yukari and Mizuki Nana. The first place has been stolen by Angel Pervy Seiyuu whose radar goes off when there’s a pair of nice thighs within 10 meters, Hanazawa Kana.

1. Hanazawa Kana 3736
2. Tamura Yukari 3710
3. Mizuki Nana 3524
4. Asumi Kana 2437
5. Toyosaki Aki 2386
6. Taketatsu Ayana 1950
7. Chihara Minori 1946
8. Iguchi Yuka 1680
9. Tomatsu Haruka 1617
10. Itou Kanae 1596
11. Horie Yui 1454
12. Kugimiya Rie 1409
13. Yuuki Aoi 1262
14. Kitamura Eri 1140
15. Sawashiro Miyuki 1114
16. Hikasa Youko 1095
17. Shintani Ryouko 1088
18. Saitou Chiwa 1021
19. Noto Mamiko 1004
20. Kotobuki Minako 967

What I really don’t get is how Asumi Kana scored that 4th place. She’s never left any super impression on me. And then, Chihara Minori. She’s had some very good roles, but none of them turned me into Minorin fan. What else to comment? Let’s see. Kugyuu 12th?! Blasphemy. I somehow understand that she might be getting on some people’s nerves by now and some people might have grown tired of her characters who pretty much always act the same, but that way of acting is exactly what makes her so awesome. Her trademark phrases like “urusai, urusai, urusai” or “betsuni” can never be performed better try as anyone might.

By the way, Hirano Aya ranked 29th with 606 votes if anyone wondered.

Source : AnimeOne

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