Toyosaki Aki’s first album debuts #4 on Oricon Daily

Toyosaki Aki - love your life, love my life

Toyosaki Aki’s debut album “love your life, love my life” was released on June 1 and it ranked #4 on the Oricon Daily Album Chart on the first day of sales. The album comprises 13 songs, some of which are new, some of which have been released before on Aki’s singles. The new song “Kimi ni Arigatou” is a song that is supposedly filled with reminiscence of the dog they kept at Toyosakis when Aki still lived there, while “Yuugure Somaru Tanpo no Azemichi” is a song that describes one particular place in Aki’s hometown. I wonder if Aki fans have already started looking for that place.

Toyosaki Aki - love your life, love my life - Oricon chart

“Love your life, love my life” has even ranked one place higher than Prince of Enka, Hikawa Kiyoshi’s Enka Hits Collection 14. That’s quite a feat if you ask me. Unfortunately, it’s likely that “love your life, love my life” will drop a few places in the Weekly Chart, since Aki fans are trained and either have preordered it beforehand or buy it on the first day. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive.

If you’re interested and want to support Aki-chan, you can buy the CD, either regular or limited edition, on CDJapan.