Steins;Gate Character Popularity Poll Results

Makise Kurisu

Dengeki has conducted a popularity poll to find out who is the most popular character from Steins;Gate. The first place is, from my point of view, nothing to be surprised about and so is the second place. I would expect Mayushii to be at a higher place than the Part-Time Warrior; however, it is not like I don’t understand why people voted for P-TW as I have taken a liking to her in the recent episodes of Steins;Gate anime. Good job, Yukarin. I think it’s mainly thanks to you and your performance as the Part-Time Warrior. Without any further ado, here come the results:

Makise Kurisu 984
Okabe Rintarou 537
Amane Suzuha 357
Shiina Mayuri 321
Ferris Nyan Nyan 133
Urushibara Ruka 123
Kiryuu Moeka 113
Hashida Itaru 102
Mr.Braun 30
4°C 11

Source: OtaNews