La Yohda Stasella

Sekai ga Yabai!!

Tutturu~ After an unannounced hiatus caused by my travel to Japan, I’m back. The first post is going to be short and simple, and it’s going to be only a written impression that I got from yesterday’s last episode of mad and epic series Steins;Gate. It was awesome and I, like many others, will really miss it. It was a comedy, it was a drama, it was a tragedy, it was about science, it was a romance, it was an anime about friendship and protecting others, it was virtually everything you can think of. The characters were amazing, every single one of them, starting with the mad scientist who is so cool and treasures the people who are close to him above everything else, Okabe Rintarou alias Hououin Kyouma. I said I was going to keep it short so I will do so. Just one more thing. Whoever didn’t watch this series as it aired, definitely give it a try as almost anyone can find something that he or she will like about it, and you are likely to experience a mad ride with sudden twists and leaps and other unevenness on the track. Overall, it’s an extremely enjoyable and thrilling ride. El. Psy. Congroo.