DFC Saturday #69

Anne Dautrich

Anne Dautrich by Nanao Yuki

The cold ambient air is getting to your bones; you can hardly see anything because of the thick fog; you drag your feet across the grass sprinkled with dewdrops; still you keep on going ahead. A knob materializes just a few feet in front of you. Fearing not you reach for the knob and open the door you cannot see. As soon as you take one step inside, a computer monitor greets you in a way becoming of a screen, that is, with images. With images of… DFC! Enjoy this week’s installment!

Minami Chiaki

Chiaki with Horizon Ariadust’s armor by diesel-turbo

Laura Bodewig

Laura Bodewig by nue


Nagi by kira keita

Akemi Homura

Homura by tucana

Remilia Scarlet

Remilia by sumapan

picture by monorino

Neito Mitotsuidara

Neito Mitotsuidara by taki sin

Honda Masazumi

Honda Masazumi by Mizuki Miyu

Hasegawa Kobato

Hasegawa Kobato by Hitsujibane Shinobu