I’m fed up with idiots on 2ch

You might have stumbled upon various news of so called “seiyuu scandals” as of late. You could say it all started with numerous remarks and leaked photos of Hirano Aya, which really pass for scandalous news. I can somewhat understand that people who were her hardcore fans got angry due to the nature of what she said and did. I wasn’t much of her fan to begin with, so I just kept my distance. Most of it was Hirano’s own fault, because she didn’t keep her calm and made some unwise comments. What followed this/these incident(s) were leaks of other seiyuu’s private lives or their histories. In other words, someone either dag up something from somewhere, or someone got in possession of things that could do harm to seiyuu’s popularity.

So what did we have here so far? Hanazawa Kana (22) purikura photo with her boyfriend from when she was about 17 years old. Purikura photo of Taketatsu Ayana on a date in Ikebukuro with a fellow from seiyuu school. Hidaka Rina, a ruthless ojou-sama with many underlings in her school who would bully anyone on her order. Satou Satomi having drawn BL doujinshi and cosplayed at conventions (don’t know what’s bad about that at all, but they list it in the exposures anyway). It’s impossible to tell how exactly could some private purikura photos get on the Internet, but I think it’s safe to suppose that the other parties have shown it to someone, maybe to brag about it, and it eventually reached the vast seas of the Internet. Satou Satomi’s and Rina’s cases are things that aren’t that difficult to find out. If the things about Rina are true, people from her school must know about it. As for Satomi, well, no need to go further into that, right? However, today’s and yesterday’s exposures aren’t mere excavations of lost artifacts. Tomatsu Haruka and Toyosaki Aki were tailed, taken photos and videos of, thus their privacy was disturbed. That is nothing but stalking. That is crime. Tomatsu Haruka was being tailed when she was walking around Yokohama with a fellow seiyuu Irino Miyu. Nothing in the photos and videos suggested at their possible relationship, but some people had trouble accepting the fact they spent some time together. Today, a report by somebody who stalked Aki-chan was posted on the Internet. He found out where she lives, but didn’t find her nameplate on any of the apartments. By Aki-chan’s description of the apartment she lives in, he narrowed the possibilities and found one surname for which he could find a person that had some connection with Aki-chan. It was a man named Ooshima Tomohiro, known as Tom-H@ck, the composer of some anime songs, including K-ON songs and Haganai OP&ED.; Another day, the stalker tailed Aki-chan and reportedly confirmed that she entered the apartment with his nameplate, thus proving that Aki-chan and Tom-H@ck live together. A work of a professional stalker, or a very skilled and very dedicated hater.

Who can do something like that? Only some evil souls. What’s their motivation to do that? Is it that they hate those seiyuu? If yes, why spend your precious time on them? Pathetic. By such actions, they harm the seiyuu industry. The previous cases aren’t as resources-consuming, but stalking takes not just a lot of time, it also takes some money (no personal experience, just using my brain). This time, they didn’t just post something they had found on the Internet. This time, they created something that they could post on the Internet and harm their targets. It was a pure evil intention. Just what kind of person would do that? Somebody who takes delight in other people’s misfortune, somebody who wants to make the Internet (especially 2ch) rage, somebody who hates the respective individuals? Another theory I have come across is, and that one might scare me the most of all of them, that it was a professional stalker hired by some competitors in the industry. At any rate, the work of the stalker was not half-assed. It was a very good job that required a lot of skills and experience.

It’s hard to imagine what will come next. Are they possibly targeting Sphere members? Or is it just a coincidence and any popular seiyuu could become a victim of stalking and have her private life exposed? I don’t know. Nobody knows, except the person behind this.

I forgot to mention something I don’t really find necessary to mention, but in case you don’t know the nature of many seiyuu quasi-fans on 2ch, you should know that they believe that seiyuu are pure souls and virgins who have never had a boyfriend. So whenever something like this is exposed, they get mad, destroy their collections of seiyuu-related material, start hating and badmouthing that seiyuu, and some say they are going to commit a suicide. Bunch of idiots if I may say. True fans will remain fans and wish for that seiyuu’s happiness.

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