14 y/o Mizuki Nana singing at National Enka Contest

Mizuki Nana

Mizuki Nana started singing enka when she was about 5 years old. She underwent a very strict training under her father, who seems to have been very ardent man judging from Nana’s descriptions, mainly from her autobiography Shin Ai. Even though Nana had virtually no freedom and the training was very demanding (for example, she had to sing at the top of her voice so that her father would hear her over his dental drill, not mentioning that she would breathe in the small particles from the drilling), the training bore its fruit. Nana was regarded as a local enka child star and when she was 14 years old, she won a national singing contest, Setouchi Nodo Jiman 10th Anniversary National Contest, thanks to which she was able to enroll into a high school in Tokyo which is known for bringing up many famous artists. However, moving to Tokyo and enrolling into the high school didn’t mean that the path for Nana had been paved. Nana’s life in Tokyo was very very far from being a happy, blessed life, but that is a long story. Anyway, now, we can watch a short video from the contest which took place 17 years ago.

Nana’s voice has always been very powerful and her enka singing is overwhelming. Absolutely wonderful and mesmerizing. She says in the autobiography that she would like to release an enka single one day, but before that, she has to pile up more and more life experience, because that is the most important element of enka. I can only say that once she releases it, I will definitely buy it.