DFC Saturday #72

Hasegawa Kobato

Hasegawa Kobato, anime screenshot.

Hello there! How is your weekend? Mine will be quite busy, because I have to prepare for two tests and work on my semester project. Ah… I heard that flat chests raise MP by 5 points, so here are some of that kind to improve your focus. I hope it helps me ^^’ Enjoy the pics!

picture by tabi no shiori

picture by paopao

Hinanawi Tenshi

Hinanawi Tenshi by umakatsuhai

Sakura Kyouko

Sakura Kyouko by humio

Ibuki Suika

Ibuki Suika by bon

picture by ichiyan

Kaname Madoka

Kaname Madoka by shirohebidou

Astarotte Ygvar

Astarotte Ygvar by hachimitsu candy

Hasegawa Kobato

Hasegawa Kobato by jougen

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