Fate/stay night pilgrimage in Kobe


When I visited Kobe, I went to Kitano, the district with a lot of European-style houses where foreigners used to live. One of the houses, the Weathercock House, served as a model for Toosaka’s residence. Another splendid house, Uroko no Ie, served as a model for the interior, particularly the living room of Toosaka’s house. Both houses are open to public, but I only went inside Uroko no Ie. The entrance fee is 1,000 yen, but it’s definitely worth seeing the beauty of Uroko no Ie, and of course taking a photo of Toosaka’s living room. Actually, the very same room was also used in recent game produced by Key Company, Rewrite. Besides the houses, there are a few more spots in Kitano district that were used in F/SN. I don’t remember whether they were also used in the anime, but they did appear in the game. However, the most memorable scenery from F/SN must be the large red bridge, right? It’s a beautiful bridge connecting the onshore Kobe with Port Island. You can either walk over there or get on a train at Sannomiya Station.














I was in a hurry and hungry on top of it, so I didn’t get the bridge quite right.

The directions time. It’s very easy to get there and the holy spots are not very far from the stations. One way to get there is to get on a west-bound (Kobe-bound, Himeji-bound, Hiroshima-bound, etc.) Toukaidou line (aka Kyoto line or Kobe line in that area) train (for example somewhere in Osaka, Kyoto, etc.) and get off at Sannomiya Station. Another way is to use the Shinkansen and get off at Shin-Kobe Station. The map should lead you to the actual spots.

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