K-ON! Trains on the Yamanote Line

K-ON! on Yamanote Line

The premiere of the K-ON! Film is this Saturday and the people responsible for promotion of the film are doing their best to raise the revenue as much as possible. One of such means – though less effective than for example the prize for people who have seen the film at least 3 times, in my opinion – is posters on carriages of the Yamanote Line trains. Not all trains have gotten this ita-treatment, but quite a few have. According to the statistics, Yamanote Line carries 3.5 million people a day. That’s quite a huge promotion. Even though not everyone train is decorated with K-ON! posters, people who use Yamanote Line on a daily basis, and that must be the majority of the 3.5 million, will eventually see a train with K-ON! posters. The posters will be there until December 11, so they have a lot of time to spot one or two, or more ^^