Kud Wafter pilgrimage


If you have played Kud Wafter, you might remember this scene which appears in the opening video. This place is located right outside Koushienguchi Station in Nishinomiya, so I dropped by there when I was headed to Nishinomiya in search of places that appeared in Suzumiya Haruhi series. I haven’t played Kud Wafter yet, but Kudryavka is my favorite character in Little Busters!. Well, I like Rin and Kurugaya a lot, too, but Kudo is Kudo. Anyway, if you’d like to visit this spot, get on the Toukaidou Line (Kyoto Line, Kobe Line – Toukaidou line has different names in different areas) and get off at Koushienguchi Station. If you travel from Osaka or Kyoto, get on Nishi-Akashi-bound, Kobe-bound, or any other west-bound train. If you get on a rapid service, it’s very likely it won’t stop at Koushienguchi Station. Leave the station via the south exit and the Kud Wafter spot will be at about 1 o’clock (in front of you, slightly to the right).


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