DFC Saturday #73

Yuuki Mikan

Yuuki Mikan by 40010prototype

The weekly DFC Saturday doesn’t really seem to be weekly anymore orz But it will always be a Saturday post. I will do my best to make a DFC Saturday post every week, but expect that there will be some DFC-less Saturdays even from now on. Next Saturday is the Christmas Eve, so I will announce beforehand that there will be no DFC Saturday on that day. Anyway, enjoy today’s serving!

Kisaragi Chihaya

Kisaragi Chihaya by inusaki

Yamada Aoi

Yamada Aoi by onsen panda

Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter by Kimagure Ringo

picture by moyashi

Kirisame Marisa

Kirisame Marisa by yuukiarisu

picture by Yukino Minato

Kikuchi Makoto

Kikuchi Makoto by tanaka (colorcorn)

Minato Tomoka

Minato Tomoka by Kuruno Yuzuko

Minase Iori

Minase Iori by K.Y Ko

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