Taketatsu Ayana Debut Single Announcement

Taketatsu Ayana - Sinfonia Sinfonia

Popular seiyuu Taketatsu Ayana known for her roles of Kousaka Kirino (Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai), Nakano Azusa (K-ON!), Sawatari Fuu (Tamayura), and others is going to release her debut single. The title is “Sinfonia! Sinfonia!!!” and it’s scheduled to be released on April 11. Regular edition will be sold for 1,350 yen; the limited edition including a DVD will cost you 1,850 yen. Taketatsu Ayana has released several, mainly OreImo and K-ON related CDs before, but all of them were character songs, making this her true debut single.

The CD release isn’t the only news revealed today. A website http://taketatsuayana.jp has been launched, listing all Ayana-related announcements. On March 14, Taketatsu Ayana’s 1st photobook titled AYANA will be released. The debut single is due the following month, and a BD/DVD release is planned on May 16. BD will be sold for 4,900 yen, DVD for 3,900 yen. One of the settings for the BD/DVD is Guam. Ayana said she had never gone to the sea, so the staff decided to take her to the beautiful beaches in Guam and shoot the video there. According to the announcement, some of the content will be made in studios in Japan.

A special live event on the occasion of the debut single release will be held on April 21. In addition, two events will be held in Nagoya and Osaka on May 5 and 6 respectively. People can apply for the event tickets at Animate and the audience will by selected by a lottery.