Back Alive but in a Skimpy Outfit

Shirakiin Ririchiyo

Some of you might have noticed a dramatic change in how the site looks. Some of you might have even noticed the line in the header saying “under maintenance”. Simply put, Anime Raku is running on WordPress now and rather than leaving the site offline for a while, I decided to do all the necessary adjustments, tweaks, and design improvements on the fly. I will try to do it as fast as possible, but I’m sure that nobody will be surprised when I say that it may take some time, as there are some many other things I have to or want to do. Be patient, please.

Status Report:

What has been done so far: import of all posts, import of all comments, redirecting the old links, setting FeedBurner as the primary feed.
What needs to be done yet: a lot of things ^^;

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