Guess whose voice it is

Flying Dog

Japanese record label Flying Dog is holding a special campaign, offering exclusive Flying Dog T-Shirt and Tote Bag to 100 winners chosen by lottery from those who answer correctly in a guessing game. There are 17 short CMs featuring Flying Dog’s logo (a dog) and a voice imitating a dog. Your task is to find out who are the people, seiyuu and artists, whose voices you can hear in the CMs, and if you want to get the prize, you have to guess all 17 correctly. Quite a nice challenge!

Three of them are very easy, namely #1, #4, and #9, but some are extremely hard to tell. I wonder if there will actually be 100 people who manage to get them all right. Try yourself how many you are able to discern, or at least how many you think you can tell.

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