Bandai Namco is going to offer a new iDOLM@STER game for iOS platform called iDOLM@STER MOBILEi in late March, and for free. As usual, you will play the role of a producer and choose one girl you will be in charge of on her way to become the most famous idol in Japan. This new version of iDOLM@STER has been inspired by so called Area Games, and as the name implies, the events (job offers) in the game are only accessible in specific areas. For example, if you get an offer for an event in Nagoya, you have to actually go there in person to do the job.

You can communicate with other producers, compete with them and also exchange job offers, so if you get an offer you cannot attend, you can give it to someone else. The game will have new features that make use of the functionality of iPhone, such as the touch screen.

The game will most likely only be available on Japanese AppStore, but iPhone users surely know they way around. If you don’t know how to access Japanese iTunes Store, your good friend Google can help you find a how-to.