Little Busters! TV Anime Production Announced

Little Busters!

The production of a long-awaited TV anime adaptation of a popular visual novel Little Busters! has been announced in Dengeki Bunko Radio. Little Busters! is the sixth visual novel from the studios of Key company, who can boast many a popular visual novel and successful anime adaptation, including AIR, Kanon, and Clannad.

The original scenario was written by Maeda Jun, Kashida Leo, Tonokawa Yuuto, and Shirokiri Chika. Maeda wrote the scenarios for Rin’s arc and the main arc. Kashida wrote Mio’s arc, Tonokawa created Komari’s and Yuiko’s arc, and Shirokiri wrote the scenarios of Haruka’s arc and Kudryavka’s arc. The music was composed by Key’s elite three composers – Maeda Jun, Orito Shinji, and Togoshi Magome – in addition to Manack, and PMMK. Itaru Hinoue and Na-Ga designed the characters and directed the animation. Little Busters! was released in 2007, and its 18+ version – expanded not only by adult content – in 2008.

The successful anime adaptations of Key’s visual novels were created by Kyoto Animation. However, Kyoto Animation stated last year that they didn’t plan to adapt Little Busters!. Which studio is going to be in charge remains unveiled as of now. More info might come to light on April 10 when the Dengeki Visual Arts Magazine, which the announcement is going to be appear in, goes on sale.

Key Visual Arts streamed have streamed the first PV for Little Busters!. You can watch it now.

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