Hanazawa Kana 8th and Sphere 9th on Oricon

Hanazawa Kana’s debut single Hoshizora Destination has been officially released today and the sales have raised the single to the 8th place on the Oricon Single Daily Chart. Many people have been looking forward to Kana’s musical debut, but less might have expected that her first single would rank higher on the chart than Sphere’s new single. Sphere have released their 10th single titled Non-stop road/Ashita he no Kaerimichi, which contains the OP and ED theme from currently airing anime Natsuiro Kiseki. They have ranked just below Kana on the 9th place, but Sphere are having a live on weekend, so some people might be putting off getting their copies in order to get it at the live with some exclusive bonuses.

You can still get the regular edition of Hoshizora Destination on CDJapan as well as the regular edition of Sphere’s Non-stop road.

Source : Oricon Chart