Iguchi Yuka to Release Her Own Photobook

Iguchi Yuka

Jumping on the bandwagon, Iguchi Yuka will be another seiyuu to release her own photobook. The announcement was made on Monday in Iguchi Yuka’s radio show Iguchi Yuka no Muuun. The broadcast wasn’t of the best quality because Yuka wasn’t in the studio in Tokyo, but at a totally different place very far from there. She was in New Caledonia where they were doing photoshoots for the photobook. She said it was her first time abroad and that she really liked it there. She commented on how the people there were all very kind and despite the language barrier she somehow managed to get by.

As the location was New Caledonia, it is quite possible that we will be able to see Yukachi in a swimsuit. She said some time ago that she wanted to do some swimsuit shots in the Ro-Kyu-Bu photobook, but there weren’t any in the end. Yukachi said it was probably impossible because Ogura Yui and Hidaka Rina, another two members of Ro-Kyu-Bu, were still high school girls and they wouldn’t be allowed to strike poses in bikini in front of the camera. Yukachi probabaly doesn’t know about the existence of some YuiKaori photos in which Ogura Yui together with Ishihara Kaori are clothed in bikinis and lie in bed with their limbs entwined.

Anyway, Yukachi’s photobook will be released on July 11 on her birthday.

Source : Bunka Housou A&G